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White Silica Gel

Silica Gel White is also known as Non-Indicating White Silica Gel as it remains unchanged in appearance on adsorbing moisture. White Silica Gel is in the form of ivory-white semi-transparent round vitreous body or crystals with good absorption capacity but we cannot determine whether Silica gel has completely absorbed moisture or not. It has been confirmed that White Silica Gel causes no odor, toxin and pollution and is one of the most widely used damp proof agent in the world. We are one of the most successful Indicating Type White Silica Gel Suppliers.

We also Manufacture Silica Gel of the Following Type :

SILICA GEL : Heavy density Silica Gel is distinguished by its extremely fine pores which account for its high adsorption capacity over a wide range of humidity. Under optimum conditions Silica Gel when fully activated will dry air and other gases to the order of below 10 ppm corresponding to a dew point of less than -40* C. It is also recommended to be used for liquid phase operations.

SILICA GEL �B� : Light type Silica Gel with much larger average pore diameter and pore volume has exceptionally high capacity at very high relative humidity only, it is not normally used as a desiccant but since it withstands liquid contact without fraction it is used as a guard material to remove entrained liquids from gas streams before a bed of �A� type Silica Gel.

Packing : 10Kg., 25 Kg Carton Packing and 25 Kg HDPE Bags with double polythene lined.

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